It’s Our Call

Welcome to, a project of Indivisible Somerville. This is where we’ll be developing our activists’ tool. So far, we’ve been designing the idea that’s outlined below. Want to stay updated on our progress? Email us at .

It’s Our Call aggregates legislators’ stances on hot issues prior to a vote so progressive activists can efficiently shape national policy.


Channel energy

Activists want to make a difference. Everyone says to make calls to legislators, but there are only so many hours in a day. Which issues hang in the balance? Which legislators could still tip either way? Simply, who is worth calling, on what issues? That’s where we come in..

Linchpin legislators

There are other sites that suggest legislators to call, or that report how they’ve voted in the past. But by the time you pick up the phone, the legislator you’re about to call might have taken a stance. Or the bill’s outcome may have solidified. It’s Our Call tracks legislators’ stances in real time. Activists can call with confidence.


Expand the network

So many activists are in solidly blue or red areas, where they feel their energy is squandered. Meanwhile, they may have friends with more influenceable legislators, but less inclination to pick up the phone. What would get these passive allies dialing is a friend urging them that this time, their call could be pivotal.

Share with friends in priority areas

When your legislators are already decided, It’s Our Call directs your energy into activating the friends who have uncommitted legislators. On the receiving end, the friend sees everything they need to understand why and how to make that first call.


Sustain motivation

The election galvanized people into taking action, but it’s hard to sustain that energy, especially when you don’t know if you’re making a difference.

See the difference we’re making

It’s Our Call highlights our individual and collective action. Each issue page has a live tally of calls made, so that users can see their contribution as soon as they complete a call. That action is shown in context of live-updating legislative stances, and ultimately, the passage or defeat of each bill. Suddenly phone calls aren’t a shout into the void, but a tangible driver of change..

“This is frustrating because I have five minutes, what’s the best use of my time? Prioritization! Efficiency! I want to feel useful.”

— Activist

“Living in an area with progressive elected officials, it’s hard to know which issues they’re actively engaged on, and which they need encouragement on.”

— Activist

“There is so much to do that knowing where we can be effective is important.”

— Indivisible Somerville leader

Calling legislators works

A central tenet of today’s activism is that calling one’s own legislators is one of the best ways to influence national policy.
“Mass office calling is a light lift, but it can actually have an impact.”

— The Indivisible Guide

“[A] large volume of calls on an issue could bring an office to a halt, sometimes spurring the legislator to put out a statement on his or her position.”

Emily Ellsworth in The New York Times

Stances need to be timely and trusted

It’s Our Call integrates stance reporting from two kinds of sources:

  1. Hand-picked experts, including journalists and leaders of issue advocacy groups.
  2. The public, gathering stances from calls to legislators, and from legislators’ own published statements and social media posts.

Reported stances are algorithm-verified and peer-reviewed.

Tools have proliferated, but..

Plenty of sites offer legislators’ voting histories. Others report upcoming votes, but they are constrained to a single issue, and are outdated as soon as they’re published. There’s no one site where people can find up-to-the-minute legislative stances, across issues, along with everything they need to take action.

Our partnership with your organization

If this initial concept sounds interesting, we’d love to talk with you. The only compensation we’re seeking is the knowledge that we’re helping activists fight the good fight. While we’re showing It’s Our Call here as a standalone site or app, your organization's own tool could incorporate its features. We know we don’t have the resources to go it alone, and we’re flexible about being more or less involved going forward. It’s Our Call needs your community, and we think your community needs something like It’s Our Call. If you might agree, please reach out to .